MAT-401 Mathematical Logic

Logic is often defined as the analysis of methods of reasoning. The mathematical logic is the study of mathematical reasoning and proof. This course starts off with the introduction to propositional calculus, the basics to the course; then it focuses on the first-order logic and model theory. Topics covered include the metatheorems dealing with the properties of soundness, completeness, decidability and consistency. The final part of the course is about formal number theory.

Advisory: This is an upper level mathematics course. It is advisable to have knowledge equivalent to 6 credits of upper level (300/400) courses in mathematics in order to succeed in this course.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (MAT-401-OL):
Nov 2017,  Dec 2017,  Jan 2018,  Feb 2018,  Mar 2018

Semester Hours: 3

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