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Graduate Course Offerings - Apr 2024

Cybersecurity Foundations (CYB-5100)
Network Defense and Security (CYB-5200)
Operating Systems Security (CYB-5300)
Cryptography and Data Security (CYB-5400)
Software and Applications Security (CYB-5500)
Cyber Forensics and Investigation (CYB-5600)
Cyber Risk Management and Incident Response (CYB-5700)
Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance, and Ethics (CYB-5800)
Special Topics in Cybersecurity (CYB-6900)
Capstone in Cybersecurity (CYB-7000)

Advanced Health Assessment (NUR-5160)
Health Policy (NUR-5290)
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (NUR-5300)
Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Issues (NUR-5310)
Financial Management in Nursing Practice (NUR-5820)
Nursing Leadership in a Global Community (NUR-6000)
History of American Nursing (NUR-6130)
Professional Writing: From the Idea to the Publication (NUR-6140)
Theoretical Foundations and Instructional Strategies in Nursing Education (NUR-6300)
Nursing Informatics: Systems Life Cycle (NUR-6310)
Nursing Administration: Standards and Structures (NUR-6320)
Advanced Pathophysiology (NUR-6400)
Advanced Pharmacology (NUR-6500)
Curriculum Theory and Development in Nursing Education (NUR-7000)
Nursing Informatics: Databases and Knowledge Management (NUR-7010)
Nursing Administration: Executive Managerial Process (NUR-7020)
Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation (NUR-7100)
Nursing Informatics: Consumer Informatics and Communications Technologies (NUR-7110)
Nursing Administration: Resource Acquisition and Management (NUR-7120)
Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum I (NUR-7210)
Nursing Administration: Seminar and Role Practicum (NUR-7220)
Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum II (NUR-7310)
Nursing Administration: Seminar and Process Practicum (NUR-7320)
Nurse Educator: Seminar and Practicum I (NUR-7400)
Nurse Educator: Seminar and Practicum II (NUR-7500)
Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology (NUR-7630)
DNP Role Development (NUR-8000)
Scholarly Inquiry: The Basis for Evidence-Based Practice (NUR-8050)
Health, Healthcare Policy, and Politics (NUR-8100)
Information Systems and Technology Impacting Healthcare Delivery (NUR-8150)
Integrating and Evaluating Population Health in Advanced Nursing Practice (NUR-8200)
Health Economics and Finance (NUR-8250)
Organizational and Systems Leadership I (NUR-8320)
Organizational and Systems Leadership II (NUR-8420)
Scholarly Immersion I: Project Identification and Mentored Practicum (NUR-9020)
Scholarly Immersion II: Project Management and Mentored Practicum (NUR-9120)
Scholarly Immersion III: Project Completion and Mentored Practicum (NUR-9220)

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