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Graduate Course Offerings - May 2024

Principles of Forensic Accounting (ACC-5010)

Applied Science and Technology
Project Management for Technology (APS-5100)
Managing People in Technology-Based Organizations (APS-6020)
Cost Estimation and Financial Management For Engineers and Technologists (APS-6100)
Master Project in Applied Science and Technology (APS-7000)

Aviation Management
Aviation Safety and Security Programs Management (AVM-5010)
Air Carrier Operations (AVM-5020)
Airport Management and Operations (AVM-5030)
Aviation Economics and Fiscal Management (AVM-5040)
Human Resource Management and Labor Relations in Aviation (AVM-5050)

Economic Issues in Organizations (EIO-5200)

Business Administration - Doctor of Business Administration
Seminar in Economics and Finance: Models and Matrices of Sustainability (DBA-8020)
Seminar in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (DBA-8050)
Teaching Adults: Archetypes, Tools, and Tactics - Andragogy Lab (DBA-8080)
Scholar-Practitioner Field Project I - Research Methods, Project Identification, Framing, and Site Preparation (DBA-9100)
Scholar-Practitioner Field Project II - Research Methods Supervised Practicum: Data Collection and Analysis (DBA-9200)
Scholar-Practitioner Field Project III - Project Completion, Presentation, and Publishing (DBA-9300)
Seminar in Global Human Resource Management (HRM-8010)
Seminar in Leadership and Culture: Organizational and National Perspectives (OML-8020)

Business Administration - Master of Business Administration
Auditing and Accounting Information Systems (ACC-7010)
Emerging Issues in Accounting (ACC-7030)
Predictive Analytics for Business Intelligence (DAM-7020)
Ethics for Managers (ETM-7500)
Financial Management (FIN-7100)
Global Marketing (GMK-7030)
Global Strategic Management (GSM-7300)
Healthcare Delivery (HCD-7030)
Healthcare Finance (HCF-7010)
Healthcare Law (HCL-7040)
Strategic Management within a Healthcare Organization (HCO-7020)
Human Resource Management in the 21st Century Global Workplace (HRM-7610)
The HRM Professional and Attorney Relationship (HRM-7630)
Investments (INV-7110)
MBA Capstone (MBA-7300)
Management Communications (MCO-7400)
Marketing Management (MKM-7000)
Negotiations (NEG-7310)
Organizational Research (ORR-7100)
Social Media Marketing (SOM-7020)
Strategic Operations Management (SOP-7200)
Topics in Global Finance (TGF-7130)

Clinical Trials Management
Introduction to Clinical Trials Research and Drug Development (CTM-5100)
Clinical Trials Research: Practice to Policy (CTM-5200)
Introduction to Clinical Trials Data Management (CTM-5300)
Ethical Issues and Regulatory Principles in Clinical Trials (CTM-5400)

Foundations of Utility Cybersecurity (CYB-5210)
Cybersecurity Risk Management in Utility Environments (CYB-5220)
Protective Security Controls in Utility Systems and Networks (CYB-5230)
Monitoring, Detection, Response, and Recovery in Utility Environments (CYB-5240)
Integrating Cybersecurity into the System Life Cycle (CYB-5250)

Data Management
Advanced Database Systems (DTM-5310)
Data Warehouse Design (DTM-5320)
Data Analytics (DTM-5330)
Information Retrieval (DTM-5340)
Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DTM-5350)

Data Science
Programming 1: Python (DSI-5050)
Programming 1: R (DSI-5060)
Natural Language Processing I (DSI-5090)
Predictive Analytics 1 - Machine Learning Tools - with Python (DSI-6010)
Predictive Analytics 3 - Dimension Reduction, Clustering, and Association Rules - with Python (DSI-6030)
Predictive Analytics 1 - Machine Learning Tools - with R (DSI-6040)
Predictive Analytics 3 - Dimension Reduction, Clustering, and Association Rules - with R (DSI-6060)
Anolmaly Detection (DSI-6130)
Customer Analytics in R (DSI-6140)
Risk Simulation and Queuing (DSI-6250)

Digital Humanities
Digital Communication (DHM-6100)
Mapping Time, Space, and Identity (DHM-7100)

Educational Leadership
Effective Leadership - From Theory to Practice (EDL-5000)
Strategic Leadership for Systems Change (EDL-5020)
Inquiry and Evidence in the School Context (EDL-5100)
Standards-Based Curriculum Development, Pre-K - 12 (EDL-5200)
Critical Issues and Theories in Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Pre-K - 12 (EDL-5300)
Staff Supervision and Systems for Professional Learning (EDL-5400)
School Law (EDL-5500)
Supervising Equitable Learning Organizations (EDL-6600)
Technology of Instruction and Administration (EDL-6700)
School Finance (EDL-6800)
Developing School and Community Partnerships (EDL-6900)
Field-Based Internship and Professional Portfolio for Building Administrators I (EDL-7000)
Field-Based Internship and Professional Portfolio for Building Administrators II (EDL-7100)
School District Administration (EDL-8000)
Field-Based Internship for District Administrators (EDL-8100)

Educational Technology
Foundations of Educational Technology: Theories and Practices (EDT-5000)
Curriculum Development in Educational Technology (EDT-5100)
Leadership and Supervision in Educational Technology (EDT-5200)
Capstone Project in Educational Technology and Online Learning (EDT-7000)
Practicum in Educational Technology and Online Learning (EDT-7100)
Learning Technology as an Issue in Online Learning (OLT-5200)
Issues in Instructional Design in Online Learning (OLT-6300)

Emergency Management
Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness Strategies (EDM-6200)

Finance and Accounting for Managers (FAM-5400)

Adult Development and Aging (GER-5100)
Geropsychological Assessment (GER-6100)
Geropsychological Interventions (GER-6200)
Geropsychological Consultation (GER-7100)

Health Information Technology
Foundations in Health Informatics (HIT-5410)
Clinical Informatics (HIT-5420)
Electronic Health Records Management (HIT-5430)
Telehealth Systems (HIT-5440)
Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Health Informatics (HIT-5450)

Healthcare Management
21st Century Healthcare Systems (HCM-5000)
Organization of the Healthcare Value Chain (HCM-5010)
Healthcare Administrator Leadership (HCM-5020)
Quality Improvement Strategies in Healthcare (HCM-5030)

Homeland Security
Foundations of Homeland Security (HLS-5050)
Protecting the Homeland: Balancing Security and Liberty (HLS-5100)
International Legal and Ethical Issues (HLS-6110)
Homeland Security Preparedness: Prevention and Deterrence (HLS-6200)
Funding and Program Administration for Homeland Security (HLS-6400)

Human Resources
Human Resources Management (HRM-5300)
Lifestyle Benefits and Compensation in The New Millennium (HRM-5400)
Strategic Recruitment and Selection (HRM-5500)
The Entrepreneurial Organization: Learning as Competitive Advantage (HRM-5600)
The Effectiveness of a Market-Connected Culture (HRM-5700)
Managing the Human Resources Enterprise (HRM-6000)
Human Resources as a Strategic Partner (HRM-6100)
The Legal and Ethical Environment of Human Resources (HRM-6200)

Information Assurance
Foundations of Information Assurance (IAS-5510)
Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks (IAS-5520)
Countermeasures Design and Implementation (IAS-5530)
Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation (IAS-5540)
Computer Forensics and Information Systems Auditing (IAS-5550)

Information Technology
Foundations of Information Technology (MSI-5010)
Telecommunications and Networking (MSI-5020)
Object-Oriented Application Development (MSI-5030)
Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design (MSI-5040)
Principles of Database Design (MSI-5050)
Operating Systems (MSI-5060)

International Business Finance
U.S. and International Accounting (IBF-5030)
Corporate and Managerial Finance (IBF-5040)

Liberal Studies
Liberal Arts and Professional Life (LAP-5000)
Capstone I (MLS-7000)
Capstone II (MLS-7100)
Sense of Community I: Art and Morality (SAM-5010)
Technology and the Human Community: Challenges and Responses (THC-6250)

Management Capstone (MAN-6300)

Management Nonprofit
Leadership and Management in Public Service in the 21st Century (MNP-5020)
Organizational Management and Leadership in Public Service (MNP-5050)
Leading Strategic Change in Public Service (MNP-5150)
Nonprofit Governance and Board Leadership (NPM-6100)

Management Public Service Leadership
Research Methods in Public Service (MPL-5100)
Program Analysis and Evaluation (MPL-5200)
Law, Ethics, and Decision Making in the Public Sector (MPL-5820)
Public Service Capstone (MPL-7100)
Community and Economic Development and Leadership (MSP-5200)
Environmental Justice Issues and Policy (MSP-5310)
Advanced Studies in Healthcare (MSP-5400)
Practical Grant Writing (MSP-6620)
Finance and Budgeting for Nonprofits (MSP-6780)

Network Management
Designing Large-Scale Systems: Routing, Switching, and Broadband (NET-5610)
Wireless and Mobile Networks (NET-5620)
Pervasive and Cloud Computing (NET-5630)
Large-Scale Network Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (NET-5640)
Network Security (NET-5650)

Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioisotopes (NUC-5010)
Criticality Safety (NUC-5020)
Current Issues and Case Studies (NUC-5030)

Organizational Management
Organizational Management and Leadership I (OML-6100)
Organizational Management and Leadership II (OML-6200)
Contemporary Issues in Leadership (OML-6300)
Leadership and Management in the 21st Century (ORG-5020)
Organizational Research (ORR-5100)

Project Management
Project Management (PJM-5100)
Project Risk Management (PJM-5300)

Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP-5100)
Unearthing and Enhancing Organizational Talent through Psychology (IOP-6200)

Software Engineering
Software Design and Architecture (SWT-5710)
Software Modeling and Analysis (SWT-5720)
Secure Software Design and Development (SWT-5730)
Software Product Development and Quality Management (SWT-5740)
Software Systems Integration (SWT-5750)

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