Credit Distribution

I. General Education Featured Courses (45 Credits)

TESU Featured Courses are listed as a guide. Other courses may satisfy the areas and can be viewed on our website under General Education Courses.  For more information see About Our General Education Program.  To plan your program please contact an academic advisor.

A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 Credits)

ENC -101Writing for Success 3
ENC-102 English Composition II3
MAT-105 Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics3
SOS-110 Fact, Fiction, or Fake? Information Literacy Today 3
For all TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Intellectual and Practical Skills.

B. Civic and Global Leadership (9 Credits)

SOC-322 Cultural Diversity in the United States3
ETH-220 Leading the Way: A Path Towards Ethical Leadership3
POS-110 American Government3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Civic and Global Leadership.

C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (15 Credits)

PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology3
SOC-101 Our Changing World An Introduction to Sociology3
PSY-101 and SOC-101 is required.

Select three featured courses:

ANT-101 Introduction to Anthropology3
HIS-210 American Civil Rights Movement3
SOC-210 Marriage and the Family3
SOC-242 Juvenile Delinquency3
SOC-291 Criminology3

D. Scientific Knowledge (6 Credits)

EAS-101 General Earth Science3
BIO-208 The Science of Nutrition3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Scientific Knowledge.

II. Areas of Study Requirements (12 Credits)

Theoretical Foundation Courses (3 Credits)

Theoretical Foundation courses include those pertaining to theory, knowledge, and skills of the human services profession.

Intervention Courses (3 Credits)

Intervention courses include those that emphasize theory and knowledge bases for interventions and criteria for selection of appropriate interventions.

Client Population Courses (3 Credits)

Client Population courses include those which emphasize the range of populations served and needs addressed by human services professionals. 

Associate Capstone (3 Credits)

HUS-295 Associate-Level Human Services Capstone3

III. Electives (3 Credits)

For TESU course options, go to Elective Courses.

TESU accepts credits in transfer from accredited institutions as well as non-collegiate providers. View information and resources on where you may find additional learning experiences.

Total Credit Hours: 60