Credit Distribution

I. Core Courses (21 Credits)

ETM-7500 Ethics for Managers3
MKM-7000 Marketing Management3
FIN-7100 Financial Management3
SOP-7200 Strategic Operations Management3
GSM-7300 Global Strategic Management3
ORR-7100 Organizational Research3
MBA-7300 MBA Capstone3

II. Area of Study (12 Credits)

HRM-7610 Human Resource Management in the 21st Century Global Workplace3
HRM-7620 Human Capital Management in Multicultural Organizations3
HRM-7630 The HRM Professional and Attorney Relationship3
HRM-7640 Technology, Data, and Analytics as Change Agents3

III. MBA Electives (6 Credits)

Select 6 credits from the following:

ENP-7320 Entrepreneurship3
HRM-7600 Human Resource Management - Talent Management3
PJM-7210 Project Management3
MKR-7000 Market Research3
SOM-7020 Social Media Marketing 3
INV-7110 Investments3
FSA-7120 Financial Statement Analysis3
NEG-7310 Negotiations3
SUS-7000 Designing a Business Case for Sustainability3
MCO-7400 Management Communications3

Total Credit Hours: 39