Credit Distribution

I. Core (18 Credits)

MPL-582 Law, Ethics, and Decision Making in the Public Sector3
MPL-510 Research Methods in Public Service3
MSP-674 Municipal Finance3
MPL-580 Public Service Leadership and Governance3

Students select one of the following:

MPL-520 Program Analysis and Evaluation3

Students select one of the following:

MNP-505 Organizational Management and Leadership in Public Service3
MNP-530 Human Resource Management for Public Service3

II. Areas of Study (12 Credits)

NPM-502 Nonprofit Management3
NPM-610 Nonprofit Governance and Board Leadership3

Students select two of the following:

MSP-664 Volunteer Management3
MSP-662 Practical Grant Writing3
MNP-515 Leading Strategic Change in Public Service3

III. Public Service Elective (3 Credits)

IV. Capstone (3 Credits)

MPL-710 Public Service Capstone3

Total Credit Hours: 36