Credit Distribution

I. Core (18 Credits)

APS-600 Enhancing Performance in Technology Organizations3
APS-601 Technology Innovation and Commercialization3
APS-602 Managing People in Technology-Based Organizations3
APS-510 Project Management for Technology3
APS-610 Cost Estimation and Financial Management for Engineers and Technologists3
THC-625 Technology and the Human Community: Challenges and Responses3

II. Area of Study (12 Credits)

CTM-510 Introduction to Clinical Trials Research and Drug Development3
CTM-520 Clinical Trials Research: Practice to Policy3
CTM-530 Introduction to Clinical Trials Data Management3
CTM-540 Ethical Issues and Regulatory Principles in Clinical Trials3

III. Capstone (6 Credits)

APS-700 Master Project in Applied Science and Technology6

Total Credit Hours: 36