Credit Distribution

I. Core Courses (18 Credits)

HLS-5050 Foundations of Homeland Security3
MPL-5100 Research Methods in Public Service3
HLS-6110 International Legal and Ethical Issues3
HLS-6250 Technology and Information Security3
HLS-6400 Funding and Program Administration for Homeland Security3
NOTE: MPL-5100: Research Methods in Public Service should be taken within the first 12 credits of the degree.

Students select one of the following

MPL-5200 Program Analysis and Evaluation3
MNP-5150 Leading Strategic Change in Public Service3

II. Concentration (12 Credits)

CYB-5100 Cybersecurity Foundations3
CYB-5200 Network Defense and Security3
CYB-5600 Cyber Forensics and Investigation3
CYB-5700 Cyber Risk Management and Incident Response3

III. Homeland Security Electives (3 Credits)

Select one of the following:
CYB-5800 Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance, and Ethics3
HLS-5000 Terrorism and Homeland Security in the U.S.3
HLS-5010 Natural Disasters and Security Planning3
HLS-5100 Protecting the Homeland: Balancing Security and Liberty3
HLS-6100 The Psychology and Sociology of Disaster3
HLS-6200 Homeland Security Preparedness: Prevention and Deterrence3
HLS-6300 Protecting the Homeland: Response and Recovery3

NOTE: Students who want to earn the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity while completing the degree can take CYB-5800: Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance, and Ethics as their area of study elective.  For additional homeland security elective course options, students should contact an academic advisor.

IV. Capstone in Homeland Security (3 Credits)

MPL-7100 Public Service Capstone3

Total Credit Hours: 36