Credit Distribution

I. Core (24 Credits)

HRM-5300 Human Resources Management3
HRM-5400 Lifestyle Benefits and Compensation in The New Millennium3
HRM-5500 Strategic Recruitment and Selection3
HRM-5600 The Entrepreneurial Organization: Learning as Competitive Advantage3
HRM-5700 The Effectiveness of a Market-Connected Culture3
HRM-6000 Managing the Human Resources Enterprise3
HRM-6100 Human Resources as a Strategic Partner3
HRM-6200 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Human Resources3

II. Electives (6 Credits)

For TESU course options, students should contact an academic advisor.

III. Core Advanced Level Courses (6 Credits)

ORR-5100 Organizational Research3
MAN-6300 Management Capstone3

Total Credit Hours: 36