Credit Distribution

I. Core Courses (15-18* Credits)

MSI-5010 Foundations of Information Technology*3
MSI-5020 Telecommunications and Networking3
MSI-5030 Object-Oriented Application Development3
MSI-5040 Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design3
MSI-5050 Principles of Database Design3
APS-5100 Project Management for Technology3

II. Concentration (15 Credits)

IAS-5510 Foundations of Information Assurance3
IAS-5520 Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks3
IAS-5530 Countermeasures Design and Implementation3
IAS-5540 Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation3
IAS-5550 Computer Forensics and Information Systems Auditing3

III. Capstone (6 Credits)

APS-7000 Master Project in Applied Science and Technology6

Total Credit Hours: 36-39