Credit Distribution

I. Core Courses (15 Credits)

NUR-529 Health Policy3
NUR-530 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NUR-531 Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Issues3
NUR-582 Financial Management in Nursing Practice3
NUR-600 Nursing Leadership in a Global Community3

II. Electives (6 Credits)

Electives may be selected from the nursing elective course offerings, direct-care core courses, and/or alternate specialty area courses. For example, students may take two courses in nursing to enhance their skill base and work toward a future certificate in another nursing specialty. For TESU course options, please contact an academic advisor.

III. Concentration Courses (9 Credits)

NUR-631 Nursing Informatics: Systems Life Cycle3
NUR-701 Nursing Informatics: Databases and Knowledge Management3
NUR-711 Nursing Informatics: Consumer Informatics and Communications Technologies3

IV. Practicum Courses (6 Credits)

NUR-721 Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum I3
NUR-731 Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum II3

Total Credit Hours: 36