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The Office of Professional Learning Review

Here's your roadmap to finishing your University degree faster with PLR credits from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Operator Licenses.

How many college credits is it worth?

The most current University review identified up to 48 credit(s) in course equivalencies at Thomas Edison State University for successfully completing the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Operator Licenses. A student's credit eligibility is determined according to the submission of appropriate documentation as well as the documented date of successful license completion. If you completed your license outside the effective dates listed in the following table, check the notes below the table for any reference to an earlier University review.

The license components have been divided into the following courses:
(TIP: Hover over each column heading for a description)

Reactor Operator (RO)
TESU Course
Effective Dates
For Staff Use
Plant fundamentals3NUC-33102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Plant fundamentals3NUC-40202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Thermodynamics 3EGM-32102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Fluid Mechanics 3EGM-33102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Heat Transfer 3EGM-32302/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Reactor Safety/Systems3NUC-34202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Reactor Safety/Systems3NUC-36102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Electrical systems & sensors 3ELE-21102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Electrical systems & sensors 3NUC-35102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Operations Fundamentals3NUC-36502/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Operations Fundamentals3NUC-42002/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Radiation Safety & Instrumentation2NUC-35002/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Radiation Safety & Instrumentation1NUC-23802/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Reactor Physics3NUC-30302/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Reactor Physics3NUC-41202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.RO
Senior Reactor Operator (SRO)
TESU Course
Effective Dates
For Staff Use
Plant fundamentals3NUC-33102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Plant fundamentals3NUC-40202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Thermodynamics 3EGM-32102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Fluid Mechanics 3EGM-33102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Heat Transfer 3EGM-32302/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Reactor Safety/Systems3NUC-34202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Reactor Safety/Systems3NUC-36102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Electrical systems & sensors 3ELE-21102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Electrical systems & sensors 3NUC-35102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Operations Fundamentals3NUC-36502/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Operations Fundamentals3NUC-42002/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Radiation Safety & Instrumentation2NUC-35002/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Radiation Safety & Instrumentation1NUC-23802/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Reactor Physics3NUC-30302/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Reactor Physics3NUC-41202/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Emergency Management3NUC-38002/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO
Radiation Safety3NUC-34102/01/2017-10/31/2023 NRC.SRO

Students who have earned both licenses need only submit documentation for the SRO, as it contains all credits given to ROs as well as 6 additional credits. Students who earned their operator license prior to 2/1/17 may be eligible for credit for their INPO-accredited RO or SRO training and qualification program. Please click here to learn more.

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How do I get started? top of page

  • Submit documentation of successful completion

    Students should download and submit this cover sheet along with a notarized copy of their NRC-issued Operator License directly to: Office of the Registrar, Thomas Edison State University, 111 W. State St., Trenton, NJ 08608.


Can I transfer PLR credit to another institution? top of page

If you are seeking to transfer the PLR credits to another college, the decision whether or not to accept these credits in transfer rests with that college. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the receiving institution's academic policy will allow transfer of each credit. Thomas Edison State University offers a non-degree service called Individual Learning Account that may be helpful.

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