Credit Distribution

I. General Education Featured Courses (46 Credits)

TESU Featured Courses are listed as a guide. Other courses may satisfy the areas and can be viewed on our website under General Education Courses.  For more information see About Our General Education Program.  To plan your program please contact an academic advisor.

A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 Credits)

ENC-1010 Writing for Success3
ENC-1020 Writing for Success II3
COM-2090 Public Speaking3
MAT-1210 College Algebra3
SOS-1100 Fact, Fiction, or Fake? Information Literacy Today 3
For all TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Intellectual and Practical Skills.

B. Civic and Global Leadership (9 Credits)

SOC-1010 Our Changing World: An Introduction to Sociology3
ETH-2200 Leading the Way: A Path Towards Ethical Leadership3
POS-1100 American Government3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Civic and Global Leadership.

C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (15 Credits)

CRJ-2800 Forensic Science3
HIS-1130 American History I3
FIL-1100 Exploring American Cinema3

Select two featured courses from the list below:

SOC-2910 Criminology3
HIS-1140 American History II3
HUM-1030 Introduction to the Humanities III: Music3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Knowledge of Human Cultures.

D. Scientific Knowledge (7 Credits)

CIS-1070 Computer Concepts and Applications3
PHY-1150 Physics I with Lab4
CHE-1210 General Chemistry I with Lab4

II. Biomedical Electronics (58 Credits)

HPS-2000 Statistics for the Health Professions3
PHY-1160 Physics II with Lab4
CHE-1220 General Chemistry II with Lab4
-Higher-Level Mathematics above College Algebra3
ELE-2110 DC Circuits3
ELE-2120 AC Circuits 3
-TRSFR REQ.Physiology, Anatomy and Biomechanics3
-TRSFR REQ.Biomedical Electronics12
-TRSFR REQ.General Electronics12
-TRSFR REQ.Biomedical Electronics Electives12
APS-4010 Current Trends and Applications in Applied Science and Technology3

III. Electives (16 Credits)

For TESU course options, go to Elective Courses.

TRANSFER REQUIREMENT: TESU accepts credits in transfer from accredited institutions as well as non-collegiate providers. View information and resources on where you may find additional learning experiences.

Total Credit Hours: 120