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Undergraduate Course Offerings

Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC-1010)
Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACC-1020)
Intermediate Accounting I (ACC-2010)
Intermediate Accounting II (ACC-2020)
Cost Accounting (ACC-3030)
Advanced Accounting I (ACC-4010)
Advanced Accounting II (ACC-4020)
Auditing (ACC-4110)
Advanced Audit (ACC-4150)
Federal Income Taxation (ACC-4210)

Introduction to Anthropology (ANT-1010)

Applied Science and Technology
Medical Terminology (APS-1000)
Associate Capstone (APS-2950)
Occupational Safety and Health (APS-4000)
Current Trends and Applications in Applied Science and Technology (APS-4010)
Applied Quality Management (APS-4020)
Engineering Technology Assessment/Career Planning (APS-4900)

A World of Art (ART-1000)

Introductory Astronomy (AST-1010)

Aviation Safety Management (AVF-3030)
Airport Management I (AVF-4720)
Airport Management II (AVF-4740)
Airline Management (AVT-3010)
Airline Marketing and Customer Service (AVT-3050)
Crew Resource Management (AVT-3060)

Introductory Biology (BIO-1010)
The Science of Nutrition (BIO-2080)
Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (BIO-2110)
Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (BIO-2120)
Introduction to Microbiology with Lab (BIO-2510)
Man's Best Friend: The Biology and Behavior of Dogs (BIO-3100)

Business Professional Studies
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies Capstone (BPS-4950)

Introduction to Business (BUS-1010)
Quantitative Skills for Business (BUS-2100)
Business Administration Capstone (BUS-4210)

Survey of Chemistry (CHE-1010)
General Chemistry I (CHE-1110)
General Chemistry II (CHE-1120)
General Chemistry I with Lab (CHE-1210)
General Chemistry II with Lab (CHE-1220)
General Chemistry I Lab (CHE-1280)
General Chemistry II Lab (CHE-1290)

Computer Information Systems
Computer Concepts and Applications (CIS-1070)
Management Information Systems (CIS-3010)
Database Management (CIS-3110)
System Analysis and Design I (CIS-3200)
Software Engineering (CIS-3510)

Cloud Computing
Introduction to Cloud Computing (CLD-1100)
Operation and Management of Cloud Computing Systems (CLD-2100)
Developing Software for the Cloud (CLD-4100)
Architecting Cloud Solutions (CLD-4200)
AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data in the Cloud (CLD-4300)

Computer Science Technology
Foundations of Information Technology (CMP-2020)
Network Technology (CMP-3540)

Communication Theory (COM-1000)
Introduction to Mass Communications I (COM-1200)
Introduction to Mass Communications II (COM-1210)
Public Speaking (COM-2090)
Communication in the Digital Age (COM-2650)
Interpersonal Communication (COM-3300)
Intercultural Communication (COM-3350)
The Story of Human Language (COM-3390)

Computer Science
Introduction to Computers (COS-1010)
Introduction to Programming (COS-1110)
C Programming (COS-1160)
Python Programming (COS-2050)
R Programming (COS-2060)
C++ Programming (COS-2130)
Operating Systems (COS-2400)
Data Structures (COS-2410)
Computer Architecture (COS-3300)
Artificial Intelligence (COS-4510)

Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law Enforcement (CRJ-1010)
Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ-1020)
Introduction to Corrections (CRJ-1110)
Forensic Science (CRJ-2800)
White-Collar Crime (CRJ-3030)
Criminal Law (CRJ-3100)
Courts and Criminal Procedures (CRJ-3580)
American Juvenile Justice System (CRJ-3630)
Victimology and Criminal Behavior (CRJ-3810)
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice (CRJ-3830)
Public Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice (CRJ-4840)

Electronic Instrumentation and Control (CTR-2110)
Programmable Logic Controllers (CTR-2120)

Introduction to Cybersecurity (CYB-1200)
Defensive Security (CYB-2200)
Firewalls and Perimeter Security (CYB-2210)
Ethical Hacking (CYB-3200)
Digital Forensics Techniques and Practices (CYB-3210)
Critical Infrastructure Security (CYB-4200)
Cybersecurity Risk Analysis and Management (CYB-4210)
Cybersecurity Policies, Programs, and Compliance (CYB-4220)
Mobile Forensics (CYB-4400)
Network Forensics (CYB-4410)
Cloud Computing (CYB-4500)
Cloud Security and Privacy (CYB-4510)
Cybersecurity Capstone (CYB-4950)
Database Fundamentals (ITS-1300)
Introduction to Networking (ITS-1400)
Computer Programming I (ITS-1500)
Fundamentals of Modern Operating Systems (ITS-1600)
Database Programming (ITS-2310)
Routing and Switching Fundamentals (ITS-2400)
Linux (ITS-2610)
Wireless and Mobile Networking (ITS-3400)
Windows Server Configuration (ITS-3630)

Data Science
Visual Storytelling with Data (DSI-2000)

Earth Science
General Earth Science (EAS-1010)
Introduction to Meteorology (EAS-1311)

Macroeconomics (ECO-1110)
Microeconomics (ECO-1120)
International Economics (ECO-4900)

Engineering Mechanics
Statics (EGM-2110)
Thermodynamics (EGM-3211)
Heat Transfer (EGM-3230)
Fluid Mechanics (EGM-3310)

Electronics Engineering Technology
Electronic Communication Systems (ELC-2010)
Digital Electronics (ELD-3020)
Microprocessors (ELD-3110)

Electrical Technology
DC Circuits (ELE-2110)
AC Circuits (ELE-2120)

Electronics Engineering Technology
Solid State Devices and Circuits (ELT-3060)
Linear and Integrated Circuits (ELT-3070)
Industrial Electronics (ELT-3080)
Electronic Assessment/Career Planning (ELT-4900)
Electronics Systems Engineering Technology Capstone (ELT-4950)

English Composition
Writing for Success (ENC-1010)
Writing for Success II (ENC-1020)

Technical Writing (ENG-2010)
Technical Communication (ENG-2020)
History of the English Language (ENG-2050)
Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice (ENG-2980)
One Writer's Vision: Jane Austen (ENG-3930)
Professional Writing: From the Idea to the Publication (NUR-6140)

Environmental Science
Global Environmental Change (ENS-3140)
Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice (ENS-3600)

Leading the Way: A Path Towards Ethical Leadership (ETH-2200)
Ethics in the Digital Age (ETH-2300)

Energy Utility Technology
Gas Combustion (EUT-3020)
Gas Distribution (EUT-3090)
Regulatory Policy and Procedures (EUT-4010)
Applied Economic Analysis (EUT-4020)

Fundraising for Nonprofits (FDR-4400)

Exploring American Cinema (FIL-1100)

Principles of Finance (FIN-3010)
Small Business Finance (FIN-3140)
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (FIN-3210)
Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN-3310)
International Finance (FIN-3340)
Risk Management (FIN-3820)

Fitness and Wellness
Kinesiology (FIT-2110)

Biological Aspects of Aging (GER-3120)

Global Studies
Global Issues and Society (GLB-3010)

World Geography (GOG-2300)

Healthcare Management
Principles of Healthcare Management (HCM-3070)
Healthcare Legal and Ethical Considerations (HCM-3080)
Comparative Healthcare Systems (HCM-3530)
Healthcare Quality and Outcomes: Measurement and Management (HCM-4040)
The Financing and Economics of Healthcare Delivery (HCM-4050)
Human Resources Management for Healthcare Organizations (HCM-4060)

Women's Health (HEA-3050)
Men's Health (HEA-3060)
The Management of Stress and Tension (SOS-3200)

Western Civilization I (HIS-1010)
Western Civilization II (HIS-1020)
American History I (HIS-1130)
American History II (HIS-1140)
Introduction to World History I (HIS-1210)
Introduction to World History II (HIS-1220)
American Civil Rights Movement (HIS-2100)
American Civil War (HIS-2350)
Introduction to Chinese History and Culture (HIS-2610)
African American History (HIS-3061)
The Middle East (HIS-3100)
War and American Society (HIS-3561)
Historical Methods (HIS-3790)
Dialogues on the Experience of War: War and Reintegration (HIS-4250)

Homeland Security
Critical Thinking for Homeland Security (HLS-3550)
Ethical Management in Public Safety (HLS-3900)
Counterterrorism: Constitutional and Legislative Issues (HLS-4100)
Homeland Security: Preparedness, Prevention, and Deterrence (HLS-4200)
Protecting the Homeland: Response and Recovery (HLS-4290)
Homeland Security Capstone (HLS-4980)

Introduction to the Humanities I: Philosophical Thought (HUM-1010)
Introduction to the Humanities III: Music (HUM-1030)
Introduction to the Humanities IV: Fine Arts and Architecture (HUM-1040)

Human Services
Introduction to Human Services (HUS-1010)
Associate-Level Human Services Capstone (HUS-2950)
Bachelor-Level Human Services Capstone (HUS-4950)

News Writing (JOU-3520)

Business Law (LAW-2010)

Foundations of Leadership (LDR-3050)
Leaders in History (LDR-3240)
Leading Organizational Change (LDR-3450)
Nonprofit Leadership (LDR-4190)
Leadership in a Global Environment (LDR-4220)
Leadership Practicum (LDR-4350)

Liberal Arts
From Hansel and Gretel to The Hunger Games: An Evolution of Children's and Young Adult Literature (LIB-3120)
The Music of War and Peace (LIB-3200)
Online Obsessions: Determining and Dealing with Digital Dependency (LIB-3420)
The Ethics and Politics of War (LIB-3600)
Liberal Arts Capstone (LIB-4950)
Liberal Arts Capstone: Community Engagement (LIBCE-4950)

American Literature I (LIT-2050)
American Literature II (LIT-2060)
Introduction to Children's Literature (LIT-2210)
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature (LIT-2910)
Advanced American Literature I (LIT-3010)
Advanced American Literature II (LIT-3020)
African Encounters (LIT-3310)
Non-Western Literature (LIT-4600)

Principles of Management (MAN-2100)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (MAN-2300)
Organizational Behavior (MAN-3110)
Human Resources Management (MAN-3310)
International Management (MAN-3720)
Managerial Communications (MAN-3730)
Leadership Communication (MAN-3760)
Change Management (MAN-4150)
Advanced Organizational Management (MAN-4250)
Small Business Management (MAN-4320)
Project Management (MAN-4350)

Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (MAT-1050)
Intermediate Algebra (MAT-1150)
Quantitative Business Analysis (MAT-1190)
College Algebra (MAT-1210)
Precalculus (MAT-1290)
Calculus I (MAT-2310)
Calculus II (MAT-2320)
Discrete Mathematics (MAT-2700)
History of Mathematics (MAT-3010)
Linear Algebra (MAT-3210)
Calculus III (MAT-3310)
Calculus IV (MAT-3320)
Mathematical Modeling (MAT-3510)
College Geometry (MAT-3610)
Mathematical Logic (MAT-4010)

Introduction to Marketing (MKT-2010)
Creating and Implementing the Electronic Enterprise (MKT-3060)
Principles of Sales (MKT-3100)
New Product Development and Marketing (MKT-3350)
Marketing Research (MKT-4110)
Marketing With Digital and Social Media (MKT-4410)
Applied Marketing Practices (MKT-4790)

Nuclear Engineering Technology
Radiation Analysis Laboratory (NUC-2380)
Nuclear Physics for Technology (NUC-3030)
Primary Reactor Systems (NUC-3310)
Radialogical, Reactor, and Environmental Safety (NUC-3420)
Nuclear Instrumentation and Control (NUC-3510)
Reactor Fundamentals (NUC-3650)
Nuclear Rules and Regulations (NUC-3800)
Nuclear Materials (NUC-4020)
Radiation Interactions (NUC-4130)
Nuclear Technology Assessment/Career Planning (NUC-4900)
Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology Capstone (NUC-4950)

Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR-3220)
Health Assessment and Health Promotion (NUR-3280)
Introduction to Critical Thinking in Nursing (NUR-3320)
Applying the Nursing Process to Alterations in Health (NUR-3380)
Advancing Nursing Practice (NUR-3420)
Exploring Evidence-Based Practice and Research in Nursing (NUR-4190)
Women's Health Across the Lifespan (NUR-4210)
Nursing Care of Infants, Children, and Adolescents (NUR-4220)
Leadership and Management in Nursing (NUR-4280)
Nursing Care of Clients with Complex Health Conditions (NUR-4320)
Nursing Care in the Community (NUR-4420)
Public Health Nursing (NUR-4430)
Validating Nursing Competence (NUR-4450)
Advanced Health Assessment (NUR-5160)
Health Policy (NUR-5290)
Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Issues (NUR-5310)
Financial Management in Nursing Practice (NUR-5820)
Professional Writing: From the Idea to the Publication (NUR-6140)

Operations Management
Operations Management (OPM-3010)
Logistics (OPM-4150)
Supply Chain Management (OPM-4200)

Introduction to Critical Reasoning (PHI-1300)
Contemporary Ethics (PHI-2860)
Philosophy of Religion (PHI-3700)
Ethics and the Business Professional (PHI-3840)
Biomedical Ethics (PHI-4750)

Photography (film)
Introduction to Photography (PHO-1010)

Physics I (PHY-1110)
Physics II (PHY-1120)
Physics I with Lab (PHY-1150)
Physics II with Lab (PHY-1160)
Physics I Lab (PHY-1280)
Physics II Lab (PHY-1290)

Prior Learning Assessment
Prior Learning Portfolio (PLA-1010)

Political Science
American Government (POS-1100)
Constitutional Issues (POS-3100)
International Relations I (POS-3150)
Conflict in International Relations (POS-4200)

Theoretical Fundamentals of Polysomnography (PSG-1010)
Instrumentation Theory (PSG-1020)
Polysomnography Scoring (PSG-1030)
Sleep Disorders (PSG-1040)
Theoretical Interventions and Clinical Patient Management (PSG-1050)
Clinical Fundamentals of Polysomnography (PSG-2000)
Polysomnography Capstone (PSG-2950)

Introduction to Psychology (PSY-1010)
Developmental Psychology (PSY-2110)
Psychology of Gender (PSY-2700)
Thanatology: An Understanding of Death and Dying (PSY-3000)
Brain and Mind (PSY-3020)
Research in Experimental Psychology (PSY-3220)
Introduction to Counseling (PSY-3310)
Forensic Psychology (PSY-3470)
Abnormal Psychology (PSY-3500)
Psychology of Personality (PSY-3520)
Organizational Theory (PSY-3600)
Industrial Psychology (PSY-3630)
Physiological Psychology (PSY-3740)
Social Psychology (PSY-3790)
History and Systems of Psychology (PSY-4000)

World Religions: Exploring Diversity (REL-4050)

Radiation Protection
Radiation Detection and Instrumentation (RPT-2600)
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering Technology and Radiation Health Physics (RPT-2700)
Radiation Biology (RPT-2710)
Radiation Ecology (RPT-2720)
Introduction to Radiation Generating Devices (RPT-2750)
Radioactive Shipping, Packaging, and Transporting (RPT-2800)
Radiation Shielding and External Dosimetry (RPT-3020)
Radiation Protection/Health Physics Assessment/Career Planning (RPT-4900)
Radiation Protection/Health Physics Capstone (RPT-4950)

Our Changing World: An Introduction to Sociology (SOC-1010)
Marriage and the Family (SOC-2100)
Juvenile Delinquency (SOC-2420)
Criminology (SOC-2910)
Cultural Diversity in the United States (SOC-3220)
Sociology of Work (SOC-3620)
Women and Social Action (SOC-3760)
Gangs (SOC-3840)
Modern Sociological Foundations (SOC-3870)
Contemporary Sociological Theory (SOC-4170)

Social Sciences
Fact, Fiction, or Fake? Information Literacy Today (SOS-1100)
Self-Assessment and Career Exploration (SOS-1500)
Academic Community Impact - Theory, Methods, and Practice (SOS-2040)
Drugs and Society (SOS-3040)
The Management of Stress and Tension (SOS-3200)
Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond (SOS-3600)
Challenges in U.S. and Global Public Health (SOS-3700)
Terrorism (SOS-4400)
Ethics in the Social Sciences (SOS-4500)
Research Methods in Social Sciences (SOS-4920)

Elementary Spanish I (SPA-1010)
Elementary Spanish II (SPA-1020)

Statistics for the Health Professions (HPS-2000)
Principles of Statistics (STA-2010)

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