Credit Distribution

I. General Education Featured Courses (45 Credits)

TESU Featured Courses are listed as a guide. Other courses may satisfy the areas and can be viewed on our website under General Education Courses.  For more information see About Our General Education Program.  To plan your program please contact an academic advisor.

A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 Credits)

ENC -101Writing for Success 3
ENC-102 English Composition II3
MAT-121 College Algebra3
COM-209 Public Speaking3
SOS-110 Fact, Fiction, or Fake? Information Literacy Today 3
For all TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Intellectual and Practical Skills.

B. Civic and Global Leadership (9 Credits)

SOC-101 Our Changing World An Introduction to Sociology3
ETH-220 Leading the Way: A Path Towards Ethical Leadership3
POS-110 American Government3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Civic and Global Leadership.

C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (15 Credits)

SOC-210 Marriage and the Family3
HIS-113 American History I3
FIL-110 Exploring American Cinema3

Select two featured courses from the list below:

SOC-291 Criminology3
HIS-114 American History II3
HIS-121 Introduction to World History I3
HUM-103 Introduction to the Humanities III: Music3
PHI-130 Introduction to Critical Reasoning3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Knowledge of Human Cultures.

D. Scientific Knowledge (6 Credits)

EAS-101 General Earth Science3
COS-101 Introduction to Computers3
For additional TESU course options that will satisfy this area of the degree, go to Scientific Knowledge.

II. Professional Career Track (30 Credits)

Select 10 courses from the following areas:


LDR-305 Foundations of Leadership3
MAN-376 Leadership Communication3
LDR-345 Leading Organizational Change3
PHI-384 Ethics and the Business Professional3
PSY-363 Industrial Psychology3


MAR-310 Principles of Sales3
MAR-201 Introduction to Marketing3
NEG-401 Negotiations and Conflict Management3
SOC-322 Cultural Diversity in the United States3


COM-330 Interpersonal Communication3
COM-335 Intercultural Communication3
MAN-376 Leadership Communication3
MAN-373 Managerial Communications3
MAR-306 Creating and Implementing the Electronic Enterprise3


LDR-422 Leadership in a Global Environment3
MAN-372 International Management3
MAR-441 Marketing with Digital and Social Media3
PSY-360 Organizational Theory3
MAN-415 Change Management3

III. Undergraduate Certificate (18 Credits)

Select one: By choosing one area, students will receive a professional certificate

Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, General Management, Organizational Leadership

IV. Capstone (3 Credits)

BPS-495 Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies Capstone3

V. Electives (24 Credits)

For TESU course options, go to Elective Courses.

TESU accepts credits in transfer from accredited institutions as well as non-collegiate providers. View information and resources on where you may find additional learning experiences.

Total Credit Hours: 120