NUC-365 Reactor Fundamentals

This course is a study of fundamentals associated with neutron properties and behavior in light water reactors. Course content includes mass-energy relationships, binding energy, radioactivity, neutron reactions with matter, neutron cross sections, flux, neutron reaction rates, fissionable and fissile fuels, fission reaction, neutron production, neutron life-cycle, four-factor and six-factor formula, the effect of reactivity on neutron multiplication, neutron flux and reactor power, reactivity, subcritical multiplication, prompt and delay neutron factors and neutron sources. The course topics also include reactor period, reactivity coefficients, control rod worth, fission product poisons, fuel burn-up and decay heat removal when the reactor is shut down.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (NUC-365-OL):
Aug 2017,  Oct 2017,  Dec 2017

Semester Hours: 3

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