SPA-102 Elementary Spanish II

Elementary Spanish II is designed for students who have completed SPA-101 or its equivalent. Throughout this course, students will continue developing competence in the four basic communication skills: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. They will also gain knowledge of various aspects of Spanish and Latin American cultures and will participate in authentic interactions with native Spanish speakers in the U.S. and abroad to explore cultural topics. Students will make comparisons across languages and cultures and will recognize the ways in which Spanish extends beyond the classroom and into the global community. The goal of this course is to prepare students for "real-life" communication in Spanish. Please note that this goal does not imply that students are expected to speak like a native, nor should they expect to speak fluent Spanish after this semester of study.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (SPA-102-OL):
Nov 2017,  Dec 2017

Semester Hours: 3