POS-420 Conflict in International Relations

In tandem with burgeoning globalization and economic cooperation, modern international relations continue to be characterized by strife and violence, perhaps to an unprecedented degree. Conflict in International Relations examines the sources responsible for international strife and their effect by exploring the dynamics of conflict and aggression among individuals, groups, states and in the international system. Issues to be studied include the causes of war, politics of revolution and insurgency, the logic of terrorism and the nuclear predicament as explained by current and past theorists and practitioners. The latter part of the course reviews possible mechanisms for managing international conflicts and perhaps even reducing them to a minimum.

Advisory: To be successful in this course, students should have earned 6 credits in political science or have comparable knowledge and experience.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (POS-420-OL):
Nov 2017,  Dec 2017,  Jan 2018,  Feb 2018,  Mar 2018

Semester Hours: 3

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