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DHM-6100 Digital Communication

This course offers a study of theories and concepts of writing and rhetoric in digital media with emphasis on the uses of textual and visual media in digital spaces, such as websites, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs. Students will investigate topics in the emerging field of digital rhetoric and writing. The course will facilitate students' reflective interrogation of how they can command resources for writing in digital spaces to the greatest professional and academic effect. Students will explore how all digital spaces have rhetorical concerns and how their effectiveness often understood as "usability" is dependent on contextual factors like audience and occasion. In other words, students will explore how new and emerging technological means of communication and design can be better understood and deployed with the benefits of rhetorical study. This course will also help build the course offerings in the Professional Communication area of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree program and provide opportunities to students who are interested in digital publication as well as those who are interested in theories of digital composition and rhetoric.

Credits: 3

Offered in May 2024, Sep 2024, Mar 2025

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