EDL-530 Critical Issues and Theories in Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Pre-K - 12

This course is designed to guide the student in the process of identifying and analyzing emerging and developing issues in curriculum design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Such issues may include academic standards, diversity, technology, testing and assessment, innovative programs, and state and federal legislation. Included are the identification of curriculum sources, how these sources influence trends, how these trends emerge and evolve, their impact on student achievement, and how professionals, particularly supervisors, curriculum developers, teacher-leaders, and teachers, can use these trends and issues to improve student learning. Students study both the positive and negative aspects of the issues and develop a responsible approach to critically assess the importance and significance of emergent and future issues in order to function as responsible professionals (ISLLC 2, 4, 6; NJDOE 2, 4, 6).

Credits: 3

Offered in Oct 2020, Jan 2021, Apr 2021

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