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EDL-660 Human Resources Administration

This course discusses the productive role of human resources (HR) administration within a school district and evaluates HR methodologies used by today's school district managers. This course focuses on the key foundational components and HR strategies that will provide clear rules of engagement for employees while utilizing them as an advantageous asset. This course also discusses the effective and innovative processes that will allow school districts to acquire, develop, and retain "difference maker" employees. Also explored are the intricate challenges involved in creating competitive and cost-effective compensation and benefits programs. In the field of education, another key focus involves devising standards of performance and measuring and communicating these standards to employees. Other topics covered in this course are workforce development, risk management, employee relations, and high performance work systems (ISLLC 2, 5, 6; NJDOE 2, 5, 6).

Credits: 3

Offered in Jul 2021, Oct 2021, Jan 2022, Apr 2022

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