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EDL-680 Budget Forecasting and Fiscal Planning

The primary focus of this course is on the development of school and district budgets and budget forecasting, with consideration of the impact of local, state, and federal funding laws on budget development processes Students will examine the cyclical nature of budget development and how school budgets are collaboratively constructed; compare and contrast expenditures of like districts; analyze a budget; review various models for implementing a budget and project how the budget should be implemented and coordinated to align with the educational vision; and forecast future fiscal needs based on variables such as enrollment trends, population projections, state reimbursements for student attendances, and housing pattern changes. School financing will be examined through the lens of historical, current, and future funding issues (ISLLC 3; NJDOE 3).

Credits: 3

Offered in Jul 2021, Oct 2021, Jan 2022, Apr 2022

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