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EDT-7100 Practicum in Educational Technology and Online Learning

This course provides students an opportunity to articulate and apply best practices gained from courses taken in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Online Learning program to design and implement a formal evaluation of an educational technology or online learning program. Major topics include: types of evaluation, evaluation design and theory, measurement, sampling, data collection, data analysis, and presentation and utilization of findings. The course focuses on the capacity-building potential of evaluation and its impact on the quality and delivery of educational technology and online learning programs and requires students to complete a formal evaluation of an existing educational technology or online program. Students will be expected to conduct data analysis and are expected to design and execute all aspects of the evaluation; identify and critique the state of the empirical evidence related to the evaluation; and prepare and report project findings and implications.

Note: You are required to spend a minimum of 60 hours engaged in an educational technology and/or online learning program as a part of your program evaluation. In this regard you should contact and begin working with your Supervising Administrator as soon as possible to set up your supervised tasks and experiences. You will record and log the time spent engaged in the educational technology and/or online learning program in a Practicum Self-Report Log that you download from the course Web site. The Supervising Administrator will be asked to certify and sign-off on the Practicum Self-Report Log, without which you cannot pass and receive credit for this course.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, May 2024, Jul 2024, Sep 2024, Nov 2024, Jan 2025, Mar 2025, May 2025

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