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HCM-5020 Healthcare Administrator Leadership

This course explores how healthcare organizations can create sustainable competitive advantage in a volatile, reimbursement driven industry. Topics include external and internal environmental analysis, strategy formulation, organizational design and control, and the impact of mergers and alliances on industry performance. This course also explores the theories, processes, and practical techniques of negotiation so that students can successfully negotiate and resolve disputes in a variety of situations including interpersonal and group settings. Emphasis is placed on understanding influence and conflict resolution strategies; identifying interests, issues, communication strategies, and positions of the parties involved; analyzing co-negotiators, their negotiation styles, and the negotiation situations; and managing the dynamics associated with most negotiations. The course will also discuss the role of motivation as a tool for the encouragement of growth and creativity. Practical skills are developed through the use of simulations and exercises.

Credits: 3

Offered in Nov 2023, Jan 2024, Mar 2024, May 2024

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