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HLS-6250 Technology and Information Security

This course covers a wide range of cybersecurity and technology concepts. War, crime, and terrorism have affected the domains of land, sea, air, and space for decades. As technology has become more pervasive in our society, a fifth domain has become evident: the cyber domain. Traditional crimes and acts of terror have become leveraged with technological capabilities that give criminals and terrorists a greater advantage than before. In addition, this environment makes it more difficult for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prevent, detect, and prosecute those that commit horrific acts. This course explores topics in information technology security management. It examines the necessary technical, physical, and administrative controls required to protect information and information systems that are likely to become vulnerable to a cyberattack. Topics within the course include cryptography, disaster recovery, business continuity of operations, network and host security, threats and vulnerabilities, access control, forensics and incident handling, and legal issues involving computers.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, Jul 2024, Jan 2025

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