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HRM-6000 Managing the Human Resources Enterprise

The profession of human resource management (HRM) has become a major strategic partner with senior management and as a proactive consultant with operational managers within many organizations. Assuming these roles has increased the credibility of human resource management as a key component to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of employees within contemporary organizations. As important as these proactive interventions for HRM professionals, it is also critical for HRM to have an enterprise perspective. Through research and analysis, this course will assess the contemporary research in the field of HRM and examine the ways that HRM incorporates greater efficiency and effectiveness in responding to the challenges facing human resources and organizations. This course will analyze and assess important HRM functions and programs that include social media, technology, risk management, talent management, diversity workforce, retention management, employee engagement, organizational branding, and delivery models.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, May 2024

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