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HRM-610 Human Resources as a Strategic Partner

Managing strategically is a complex, rational, well thought out sequence of activities and approaches that addresses the various competitive challenges organizations face. Human resource management faces a series of challenges and opportunities to be regarded as a strategic partner with other senior leadership executives. One manner in which to accomplish this is to earn a seat as a partner during the strategic planning process. There are many roadblocks, however, on the road to becoming an organizational partner, which results in frustration, resentment, confusion, and possibly a regression back to maintaining nothing more than an administrative function. A key, however, to the successful acceleration of human resources showing they can add value is by gaining critical information from the voices of the organization's customers and integrating these into a roadmap that will take human resources from the role of "caretaker" to "organizational leader." All of the human resource management functions must be implemented and maintained with a strategic focus. It is not only considering the present challenges but also planning for future developments that will have an impact on the organization. This course will focus upon those critical elements that will help turn human resources away from "paper pushing" and toward a value added facilitator of strategic change.

Credits: 3

Offered in Sep 2021, Nov 2021, Jan 2022, May 2022

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