MNP-550 Strategic Recruiting, Retention, and Succession Planning

Regardless of industry, business unit, or department, people are every organization's key source of competitive advantage. In the war for talent, organizations have two choices: develop human resources systems that work together to recruit, retain, and motivate staff, or lose their most valuable workers to organizations who do value and develop their employees. Not only is finding the right people a difficult and daunting task, but keeping those people is a significant challenge. An organization that not only finds but also keeps valued employees and provides an environment that develops and rewards employees can be termed an "employer of choice" An employer of choice responds to market conditions and continually adapts to meet the needs of the workforce. Becoming an Employer of Choice begins with a well-designed recruitment and retention strategy. This course will focus on the best practices of strategic planning, recruitment, evaluation and measurement, selection, retention, and development. Throughout course students will be introduced to successful recruitment and retention programs that can be adapted to any organization.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jul 2020, Jan 2021

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