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MST-7000 Managerial Statistics

The success of modern business practices and evidenced-based decisions depends on sound statistical and analytical skills. This course lays the foundation for statistical thinking and imparts many valuable, important skills that are widely used in marketing, finance, economics, supply chain management, and financial accounting. This course also expands spreadsheet skills and advances the type of computing expertise for analyzing large complex data. This is a hands-on course with emphasis on examining and interpreting data using various statistical tools rather than on the theory underlying these tools. Statistical tools that are covered are exploratory data analysis; regression modeling for simple and multiple predictors; hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for a mean, a proportion, and regression coefficients; and normal, binomial, and chi-square distributions. This course should provide a foundation for further exploration of advanced data-mining tools.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2023, May 2023, Sep 2023, Mar 2024

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