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NUR-731 Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum II

This course builds on the student's learning and achievements from Nursing Informatics: Seminar and Practicum I. Depending on the learning opportunities available and the student's evolving professional goals, the student, in consultation with the course mentor and onground preceptor, may continue and/or modify the selected Practicum activities and project(s) developed in the first Practicum course. Students reflectively discuss their experiences, projects and related learning in the online discussion seminar. This course requires completion of 150 Practicum hours and the finalized e-Portfolio.

Prerequisite: All other MSN degree and Nursing Informatics certificate requirements. Submission of all documents and requirements outlined in the Practicum Packet including a criminal background check.

Advisory: Students who do not have updated e-Portfolios will not be able to register for this course.

*Students may register for one elective concurrent with this course.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2021, Apr 2021, Jul 2021

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