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OML-6300 Contemporary Issues in Leadership

This course focuses on compelling issues in leadership theory and practice. It is intended to present students with some of the latest and most innovative thinking about leadership and to promote practical insights for leadership within work and community settings. The course encourages students to look beyond embedded leadership ideas and practices and to consider leadership more broadly. Students cover the topics of leaders and followers (toxic leadership), men and women (gender in leadership), and individuals and teams (team leadership). Students are invited to rethink their orientation to leadership and human interaction and to apply their learning to a real-world setting.

Note: This course follows naturally from the foundations laid in OML-6100: Organizational Management and Leadership I and in OML-6200: Organizational Management and Leadership II. The three courses together form a logical sequence that moves from a general exploration of theory and practice in OML-6100, to a focus on leading and managing self in OML-6200 and, finally, to a focus on contemporary leadership issues in OML-6300: Contemporary Issues in Leadership. While these courses present a comprehensive look at management, OML-6100 and OML-6200 are not prerequisites for OML-6300, which can be taken as an individual course that provides exploration and focus on contemporary leadership issues and practices.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, May 2024, Sep 2024, Jan 2025, May 2025

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