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SAM-5020 Sense of Community II: Faith and Reason

This course explores the character and quality of human discourse as it tries to describe what it means to be human in the great dialogues between faith and reason. This course is designed to help overcome perceptual obstacles to cross-cultural understanding through comparing and contrasting philosophical, scientific, and religious texts of Eastern, Western, and Native American cultures. Thus, students will gain a greater sense of being part of a larger global community while attaining a better understanding of their own cultural influences. Students will identify examples and case studies in their professional lives that relate to issues arising from the discussions of the texts and will use the lessons of human discourse as a platform to broaden their vision and create practical applications in the workplace and community. During this process of exploration, students will be expected to articulate their own values and beliefs with an understanding of how these may be influenced by their own cultural biases and perceptions.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, Mar 2024, Sep 2024, Jan 2025, May 2025

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