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SWT-5730 Secure Software Design and Development

Software security is concerned with ensuring that software processes are designed to prevent data and computing resources from becoming lost, unreliable, altered, inaccessible, or corrupt. In this course, students will learn how to identify, categorize, and prioritize the information and other resources used by software systems and to develop security requirements for the processes that access the data. Students will learn to develop strategies that mitigate security vulnerabilities caused by either nonconformance to software requirements or omissions caused by incorrect requirements. In this course, students will learn to perform software security evaluations; establish security requirements; develop guidelines for security that are applied during the software design, operations, and maintenance processes; evaluate security requirements during software reviews and audits; develop a configuration and process management policy that addresses corrective action for existing software; monitor software modifications to ensure that any changes do not unintentionally create security violations or software vulnerabilities; and develop plans for the physical security of the software.

Credits: 3

Offered in Jan 2024, May 2024, Nov 2024, May 2025

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