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SWT-5740 Software Product Development and Quality Management

The software development process focuses on software production concerns and not the technical issues related to software development such as the selection and use of software tools. This process exists to support the management of software development and is generally more focused on addressing business concerns associated with managing software. In this course students will learn about software development processes and will acquire the knowledge and skills required to manage the development of large, complex software projects. Students will learn to apply product development life-cycle methodologies and to develop strategies for managing product introduction, growth, maturity, and decline phases. In addition, students will learn about various quality management processes including requirements, testing, configuration, change, defect, risk, improvement, safety, and release management. Project planning, monitoring, and control as they apply to software development and management will also be covered in this course.

Credits: 3

Offered in Mar 2024, May 2024, Jul 2024, Jan 2025

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