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Graduate Course Offerings - Nov 2021

Principles of Forensic Accounting (ACC-501)

Economic Issues in Organizations (EIO-520)
Leading Strategic Change (MSM-620)

Business Administration - Doctor of Business Administration
Seminar in Economics and Finance: Models and Matrices of Sustainability (DBA-802)
Seminar in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (DBA-805)
Teaching Adults: Archetypes, Tools, and Tactics - Andragogy Lab (DBA-808)
Seminar in Global Human Resource Management (HRM-801)
Seminar in Global Leadership: Theory and Practice (OML-801)

Business Administration - Master of Business Administration
Business Forecasting (BFO-701)
Ethics for Managers (ETM-750)
Financial Management (FIN-710)
Global Marketing (GMK-703)
Global Strategic Management (GSM-730)
MBA Capstone (MBA-730)
Marketing Management (MKM-700)
Organizational Research (ORR-710)
Social Media Marketing (SOM-702)
Strategic Operations Management (SOP-720)
Designing a Business Case for Sustainability (SUS-700)
Topics in Global Finance (TGF-713)

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR-610)

Data Science
Programming 2: Python (DSI-507)
Programming 2: R (DSI-508)
Forecasting Analytics (DSI-510)
SQL - Introduction to Database Queries (DSI-530)
Predictive Analytics 2 - Neural Nets and Regression - with Python (DSI-602)
Predictive Analytics 2 - Neural Nets and Regression - with R (DSI-605)
Anolmaly Detection (DSI-613)
Customer Analytics in R (DSI-614)
Risk Simulation and Queuing (DSI-625)

Finance and Accounting for Managers (FAM-540)

Healthcare Management
21st Century Healthcare Systems (HCM-500)
Organization of the Healthcare Value Chain (HCM-501)
Healthcare Administrator Leadership (HCM-502)
Quality Improvement Strategies in Healthcare (HCM-503)

Human Resources
Human Resources Management (HRM-530)
Human Resources as a Strategic Partner (HRM-610)
The Legal and Ethical Environment of Human Resources (HRM-620)

Management Capstone (MAN-630)

Marketing Management (MKM-560)

Organizational Management
Organizational Management and Leadership I (OML-610)
Leadership and Management in the 21st Century (ORG-502)
Organizational Research (ORR-510)

Project Management
Project Management (PJM-510)

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