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Mar 2024 - Business And Management

Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC-1010)
Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACC-1020)
Intermediate Accounting I (ACC-2010)
Advanced Accounting II (ACC-4020)
Federal Income Taxation (ACC-4210)

Introduction to Business (BUS-1010)
Quantitative Skills for Business (BUS-2100)
Business Administration Capstone (BUS-4210)

Computer Information Systems
Computer Concepts and Applications (CIS-1070)
Management Information Systems (CIS-3010)
Database Management (CIS-3110)
Software Engineering (CIS-3510)

Principles of Finance (FIN-3010)
Small Business Finance (FIN-3140)
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (FIN-3210)
Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN-3310)

Healthcare Management
Principles of Healthcare Management (HCM-3070)
Healthcare Legal and Ethical Considerations (HCM-3080)
Human Resources Management for Healthcare Organizations (HCM-4060)

Business Law (LAW-2010)

Foundations of Leadership (LDR-3050)
Leaders in History (LDR-3240)
Leadership in a Global Environment (LDR-4220)
Leadership Practicum (LDR-4350)

Principles of Management (MAN-2100)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (MAN-2300)
Organizational Behavior (MAN-3110)
Human Resources Management (MAN-3310)
International Management (MAN-3720)
Managerial Communications (MAN-3730)
Leadership Communication (MAN-3760)
Change Management (MAN-4150)
Project Management (MAN-4350)

Introduction to Marketing (MKT-2010)
Marketing With Digital and Social Media (MKT-4410)

Operations Management
Operations Management (OPM-3010)

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