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May 2024 - Natural Sciences/Mathematics

Introductory Astronomy (AST-1010)

Introductory Biology (BIO-1010)
The Science of Nutrition (BIO-2080)
Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (BIO-2110)
Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (BIO-2120)
Introduction to Microbiology with Lab (BIO-2510)
Man's Best Friend: The Biology and Behavior of Dogs (BIO-3100)

General Chemistry I (CHE-1110)
General Chemistry I with Lab (CHE-1210)
General Chemistry II with Lab (CHE-1220)
General Chemistry I Lab (CHE-1280)
General Chemistry II Lab (CHE-1290)

Computer Science
Introduction to Computers (COS-1010)
Introduction to Programming (COS-1110)
C Programming (COS-1160)
Python Programming (COS-2050)
R Programming (COS-2060)
C++ Programming (COS-2130)
Operating Systems (COS-2400)
Data Structures (COS-2410)
Computer Architecture (COS-3300)

Earth Science
General Earth Science (EAS-1010)
Introduction to Meteorology (EAS-1311)

Environmental Science
Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice (ENS-3600)

Statistics for the Health Professions (HPS-2000)

Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (MAT-1050)
Intermediate Algebra (MAT-1150)
Quantitative Business Analysis (MAT-1190)
College Algebra (MAT-1210)
Precalculus (MAT-1290)
Calculus I (MAT-2310)
Calculus II (MAT-2320)
Discrete Mathematics (MAT-2700)
History of Mathematics (MAT-3010)
Calculus III (MAT-3310)
College Geometry (MAT-3610)

Physics II (PHY-1120)
Physics I with Lab (PHY-1150)
Physics II with Lab (PHY-1160)
Physics I Lab (PHY-1280)
Physics II Lab (PHY-1290)

Principles of Statistics (STA-2010)


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