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Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Courses

TESU is reducing traditional textbook costs by harnessing Open Educational Resources (OER) and other no-cost alternatives in its online courses. The courses below utilize openly-sourced materials and have zero learning materials or textbook cost (ZTC). Openly-sourced materials are an alternative to traditional course materials, reside in the public domain and encompass a rich array of readings, articles, case studies and multimedia components like videos and podcasts that can be integrated in your online courses.

Undergraduate Courses

NOTE: ‡ e-Pack® courses are not included in ZTC options.

Introduction to Anthropology (ANT-101)
Associate Capstone (APS-295)
Current Trends and Applications in Applied Science and Technology (APS-401)
Engineering Technology Assessment/Career Planning (APS-490)
A World of Art (ART-100)
Introductory Astronomy (AST-101)
Crew Resource Management (AVT-306)
Introductory Biology (BIO-101)
The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208)
Computer Concepts and Applications (CIS-107)
Public Speaking (COM-209)
General Earth Science (EAS-101)
Introduction to Meteorology (EAS-131)
Macroeconomics (ECO-111)
Microeconomics (ECO-112)
Electronics Engineering Technology Capstone (ELT-495)
English Composition I (ENC-101)
English Composition II (ENC-102)
Technical Writing (ENG-201)
Ethics in the Digital Age (ETH-230)
World Geography (GOG-230)
Men's Health (HEA-306)
American History I (HIS-113)
American History II (HIS-114)
Introduction to the Humanities III: Music (HUM-103)
Introduction to the Humanities IV: Fine Arts and Architecture (HUM-104)
Associate-Level Human Services Capstone (HUS-295)
Bachelor-Level Human Services Capstone (HUS-495)
The Music of War and Peace (LIB-320)
Online Obsessions: Determining and Dealing with Digital Dependency (LIB-342)
Liberal Arts Capstone: Community Engagement (LIBCE-495)
Advanced American Literature I (LIT-301)
Advanced American Literature II (LIT-302)
International Management (MAN-372)
Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (MAT-105)
Intermediate Algebra (MAT-115)
College Algebra (MAT-121)
Calculus I (MAT-231)
Mathematical Modeling (MAT-351)
Radiation Analysis Laboratory (NUC-238)
Nuclear Physics for Technology (NUC-303)
Radialogical, Reactor, and Environmental Safety (NUC-342)
Nuclear Instrumentation and Control (NUC-351)
Reactor Fundamentals (NUC-365)
Nuclear Rules and Regulations (NUC-380)
Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology Captstone (NUC-495)
Introduction to Critical Reasoning (PHI-130)
Ethics and the Business Professional (PHI-384)
Introduction to Prior Learning Assessment (PLA-100)
Introduction to Portfolio Development (PLA-200)
American Government (POS-110)
Polysomnography Capstone (PSG-295)
Psychology of Gender (PSY-270)
Brain and Mind (PSY-302)
Social Psychology (PSY-379)
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering Technology and Radiation Health Physics (RPT-270)
Radiation Ecology (RPT-272)
Introduction to Radiation Generating Devices (RPT-275)
Radioactive Shipping, Packaging, and Transporting (RPT-280)
Radiation Protection/Health Physics Capstone (RPT-495)
Introduction to Sociology (SOC-101)
Criminology (SOC-291)
Elementary Spanish I (SPA-101)
Elementary Spanish II (SPA-102)
Principles of Statistics (STA-201)

‡ e-Pack® courses are not included in ZTC options.

Graduate Courses

Aviation Economics and Fiscal Management (AVM-504)
Business Forecasting (BFO-701)
Introduction to Clinical Trials Research and Drug Development (CTM-510)
Clinical Trials Research: Practice to Policy (CTM-520)
Special Topics in Cybersecurity (CYB-690)
Capstone in Cybersecurity (CYB-700)
The Global Business Context: Trends, Issues, and Markets (DBA-801)
Seminar in Economics and Finance: Models and Matrices of Sustainability (DBA-802)
Seminar in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (DBA-805)
Programming 1: Python (DSI-505)
Programming 2: Python (DSI-507)
Customer Analytics in R (DSI-614)
Applied Predictive Analytics (DSI-700)
Effective Leadership - From Theory to Practice (EDL-500)
Professional Portfolio Development: School Administrators (EDL-810)
All-Hazards Response and Recovery Planning (EDM-630)
Capstone Project in Educational Technology and Online Learning (EDT-700)
Healthcare Law (HCL-704)
The Effectiveness of a Market-Connected Culture (HRM-570)
Managing the Human Resources Enterprise (HRM-600)
Human Resources as a Strategic Partner (HRM-610)
Seminar in Workforce Technologies (HRM-802)
Management Capstone (MAN-630)
Capstone I (MLS-700)
Capstone II (MLS-710)
Public Service Capstone (MPL-710)
Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioisotopes (NUC-501)
Current Issues and Case Studies (NUC-503)
Sense of Community I: Art and Morality (SAM-501)

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